Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kety Perry New Album Release "Teenage Dream"

Kety Perry was born is Santa Barbara, California. Her new single California Gurls is fresh and exciting, it can make people book a ticket to California right after listening to the single for the first time!
Her new fun and flirty album is to be released 24 August. Originaly Kety Perry wanted to name fer new album Teenage Wet Dream, but unfortunately this idea was nixed. Nontheless her new album Teenage Dream is going to be the music of the summer, giving the feeling of beach party. Her single California Gurls is certanly going to be Number 1 song for all summer loving people all around the world! Kety Perry will be performing her single with Snoop Dog feauring in it. Her second single Teenage Dream will be released 3 August, and the video for this single is promising to be super fun! The video is going to enterntain with fun loving people, ready for everything with no limitations! Definately, his video will show us how to have fun this summer. Sexy young girls and boys jumping in the water - this is the least we expect from the video, which is scheduled to be released in the begging of August.

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