Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bun B - Trill O.G.

Trill O.G. will be the third studio album released by Bun B.

This time hip-hop NewYork star will set the growd on fire with his brand new singles.
On this album, together with Bun B also worked Drake, Young Jeezy, 2Pac, Pimp, Gucci Mane, Raekwon and Trey Songz. This is going to be something new, experimental in a way, and definately absolutely awesom!

The release date for the album Trill O.G. is set on 3 August.

The track list is as follows:

1. Church
2. Trillionairy
3. Just like that
4. Put it down
5. Right now
6. Countin' money all day
7. Ridin' slow
8. Speak easy
9. Lights, Camera, Action
10. I get down for mine
11. No competition
12. Let 'em know
13. All a dream
14. It's been a pleasure

The Black Crowes - Croweology release

This year The Black Crowes will be celebrating 20th anniversary of their debut in 1990 with Shake Your Moneymaker. The legendary rock band will release their new album, and go on a huge four-month tour. After their tour The Black Crowes are going to take a brake and break up. They told the Rolling Stones magazine about their plans, even though they did not say for how long they are splitting up.

Croweology is a selection of great new songs, together with old hits.
We hope this is not going to be the last album The Blackcherry will release.

The release of the Croweology is set to 3 August.

Buckcherry - releasing All Night Long

In 1995 we celebrated birth of a great hard rock band in California.
Since then citizens of Los Angeles are fans of Buckcherry!
Buckcherry is releasing this summer their fifth album called All Night Long.

Their new album is produced by Marti Frederiksen.
This Grammy-nominated band will please us with their renewed music in All Night Long 3 August!

Autolux - releasing their new album -Transit! Transit!

This summer we are looking forward to the release of new album of a great trio from Los-Angeles - Autilux! This trio got together and started performing on the stage in 2000. Since then they have done a lot of work and released 2 albums. Their fans were awaiting for a new album and now finally it will be released 3 August!

Arcade Fire - The Suburb release

If you are a fan of indie rock music, then you will be happy to find out that the release of the third album of a Canadian group Arcade Fire!
Their new album is called The Suburbs is set to release 2 August.
This long-awaited album is full of love and passion for all the fans! Song are meaningfull and deep in the their sence. Some songs are sad, like Empty Room and Deep Blue.

The songs list:
1. The Suburbs
2. Ready to start
3. Modern man
4. Rococo
5. Empty room
6. City with no children
7. Half light 1
8. Halh light 2 (no celebration)
9. Suburban War
10. Month of May
11. Wasted hours
12. Deep Blue
13. We used to wait
14. Sprawl 1
15. Sprawl 2 (mountains beyond mountains)
16. The Suburbs (continued)

This album will soon be released!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Savannah Jo Lack - 'Knitting Songs' Release

Another debut this July!

A great woman, who sings and plays her violing at the same time, she is also a song writer, will release her fisrt album this summer!

Savannah Jo Lack is Indie singer, with a smoth voice, violin and piano, will cherish her listeners with sweetest harmony in music and vocal. Talking about her vocal one can describe it as classocal folk. Savannah is trying out different styles in order to enrich her music and create something really special for her listeners!

Her new album "Knitting Songs" is set to release 27 Juy.

Every Boy: The Last Lala's. Debut Album Release!

Every Boy
is a New York based team debuting with the release of their first album 'The Last Lala's' 27 July. In this new album Every Boy invited many of their popular friend, great musicians to participate, such as Adam Topal (Jack Johnson), Tom Freund (Bed Herper) and other great artists are also featuring in this album.
Listening to the album is a real pleasure, with it's sensitive songs, meaningful lirycs, and enreaching musical accomodation. In soon released album you will find tracks about meaning of life, faith and devotion in love.
Once his CD is on, you will not want to turn it off. The songs are catchy and sensible.
Looking forward to the release of Every Boy first studon album 'The Last Lala's'!

Song list:

1. Life is for living
2. Let it go
3. Im2b
4. Another love
5. Would you still love me
6. Keep on keepin on
7. Reset
8. Chinese wine
9. Thank you Pachelbel
10. Unturn every stone

Kimberly Caldwell - "Without Regret" release

Kimberly Caldwell
is debuting with her first studio album release 27 July. The former American Idol won varios singing competitions, worken on TV, and participated and got to finals of American Idol. Now she will release her album called "Without Regret" with mainly songs about love, broken heart and other popular topics around teenagers.

'Without Regret' song list:

1. Heart Like Mine
2. Going Going Gone
3. Mess of You
4. Say Love
5. Human After All
6. Taking Back My Life
7. Cost of Love
8. Frozen
9. If You're Gonna Fall
10. When I'm Not Around
11. Sleep While I Drive

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tom Jones 'Praise & Blame' Release

A legendary singer Tom Jones is set to release his new album Praise & Blame 27 July. This will be Jones' 36th studio album, which is certainly an achievement for a great singer.

In past couple of years Tom Jones was very successful in trying out different changes and collaborations in music. His new album is different from his past works. In Praise & Blame Tom Jones included songs of Bob Dylan 'What Good Am I?', John Lee Hooker's 'Burning Hell', and Billy Joe Shaver's 'If I Give My Soul'.

This soon released new album is simple and touches the soul of the listeners with thoughtful songs. 70-year-old singer presents a set of songs full of his childhood memories as a son of a minor.

This spare and spiritual album might not be a new trend in music, but definitely it is going to be a great album of a legendary singer with a deep, beautiful voice.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kety Perry New Album Release "Teenage Dream"

Kety Perry was born is Santa Barbara, California. Her new single California Gurls is fresh and exciting, it can make people book a ticket to California right after listening to the single for the first time!
Her new fun and flirty album is to be released 24 August. Originaly Kety Perry wanted to name fer new album Teenage Wet Dream, but unfortunately this idea was nixed. Nontheless her new album Teenage Dream is going to be the music of the summer, giving the feeling of beach party. Her single California Gurls is certanly going to be Number 1 song for all summer loving people all around the world! Kety Perry will be performing her single with Snoop Dog feauring in it. Her second single Teenage Dream will be released 3 August, and the video for this single is promising to be super fun! The video is going to enterntain with fun loving people, ready for everything with no limitations! Definately, his video will show us how to have fun this summer. Sexy young girls and boys jumping in the water - this is the least we expect from the video, which is scheduled to be released in the begging of August.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Enrique Iglesias releases his first bilingual album "Euphoria"

Enrique is excited about his new album with songs in both English and Spanish. It took 6 years to create "Euphoria", where you can see the mixture of different music styles, which makes every song of the album unique.

"Euphoria" was released 6th July and turned out to be an exciting achievement for Enrique Iglesias. In his single "I Like It" also featured Pitbull. This newly released album will not only present bilingual songs and incredible experiments with music, but also the list of top artists featuring in "Euphoria" will enrich the pleasure of long awaited album. The amazing team of artists performing in the album includes Akon, Nicole Scherzinger and Usher. In addition, this bilingual album presents songs in Spanish featuring great Latin-music artists, such as Juan Luis Guerra and also Wisin y Yandel.

"Euphoria" song list

1. Cuando Me Enamoro (Feat. Juan Luis Guerra)
2. No Me Digas Que No (Feat. Wisin & Yandel)
3. Ayer
4. Dile Que
5. I Like It (Feat. Pitbull)
6. One Day at a Time (Feat. Akon)
7. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat (Feat. Nicole Scherzinger)
8. Dirty Dancer (With Usher)
9. Tu Y Yo
10. No Me Digas Que No

Kylie Minogue - new albut release

Kylie Minogue celebrates the release of her 11th studio album "Aphrodite"!
A long-awaited new album, firs after "X" in 2007, was released 5th of July. Australian pop-goddess hits top in UK with "Aphrodite". This is a true success for a 42-year-old singer, who 22 years ago same week hit Number One Album first time! Kylie has sold over 60 million records worlwide, and after a hard time with her sickness, she is back again to please her faithful and loving fans all over the world. Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer, but 2 years ago she got over a surgery and chemotherapy. Since then she is back on the stage for her fans in over 20 countries!

"All The Lovers" single was released one week before the album came out on June 25. It was one of the last to be written for the album, but as it reflects all the feelings and emotions of the new album, "All The Lovers" was chosen to present "Aphrodite". The single moved people's hearts and brought the emotions that Kylie wanted to share through her music. Although she fears criticism towards her newly released album, the way "Aphrodite" was accepted was a real success for Kylie.

"Afprodite" songs list:

1. All The Lovers
2. Get Outta My Way
3. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
4. Closer
5. Everything Is Beautiful
6. Aphrodite
7. Illusion
8. Better Than Today
9. Too Much
10. Cupid Boy
11. Looking For An Angel
12. Can’t Beat The Feeling