Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Every Boy: The Last Lala's. Debut Album Release!

Every Boy
is a New York based team debuting with the release of their first album 'The Last Lala's' 27 July. In this new album Every Boy invited many of their popular friend, great musicians to participate, such as Adam Topal (Jack Johnson), Tom Freund (Bed Herper) and other great artists are also featuring in this album.
Listening to the album is a real pleasure, with it's sensitive songs, meaningful lirycs, and enreaching musical accomodation. In soon released album you will find tracks about meaning of life, faith and devotion in love.
Once his CD is on, you will not want to turn it off. The songs are catchy and sensible.
Looking forward to the release of Every Boy first studon album 'The Last Lala's'!

Song list:

1. Life is for living
2. Let it go
3. Im2b
4. Another love
5. Would you still love me
6. Keep on keepin on
7. Reset
8. Chinese wine
9. Thank you Pachelbel
10. Unturn every stone

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